I did not expect that there are similar products with a similar name under development when we start this product development which was about 6 months.  It was too later for us to change our brand to another name since we have produced thousands of  Jumate charging case when we noticed Jmate.

Here are the difference:

  1. Jmate can NOT hold a juul device with a pod set on the head. It will extrude out, and user can NOT put the rubber lid back to seal.
  2. When user has juul.covered with skin, then it won’t fit in Jmate. while Ju-mate can if the skin is in normal popular thickness.
  3. User can open and close Ju-mate case with single hand. BUT Jmate has to need two hands to open.
  4. Jmate will very likely have juul charging connection issue, because the small debris/particles in your pocket will get into the case, and block the metal contacts.