An average smoker consumes 20pods per month. which is $1200 a year.

Sometimes you crave for new flavors, but you are traped in the limited and overpriced system.

There shall be a better way…


More Flavors, 80% Savings

J-mate Pod Refiller lets you enjoy endless amounts of new flavors. while on average saving you $1000 each year.


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Refilling is fast and easy.

No sticky oil mess

15 seconds. 3 steps.

Patent pending design to avoid oil leakage: Pressures pod on both sides to create low air pressure in the pod so that it sucks excess oil in when pulled out.

Patent pending design to avoid oil leakage: The device presses the pod to create low air pressure inside the pod when it is pulled out.

The cone shape silicon cover guarantees all the popular oil bottles work with the J-mate Pod Refiller.

To avoid the oily taste. Insert two special cotton swaps to absorb the oil in the filter inside the mouthpiece

To avoid the oily taste. Insert two special cotton swaps to absorb the collected oil in the filter inside the mouthpiece. (Once a pod is consumed. The filter inside the mouthpiece will be saturated with oil, need to be cleaned for reuse)

To make it more fun. We print one random quote on your Jumate.

You can peel it off. if you feel the quote does not fit you.


Try proper vitamin oil your body needs with Jumate. 

Quit an unhealthy lifestyle.


How many times a pod can be refilled/reused before it has a buring taste

If one smokes gently. It can typically be reused 5-10 times.

Can I refill other very sticky oil with Jumate Pod Refiller?

You can. J-mate Pod refiller is made of a special material so that it won’t erode. However, you need to use a pod with a specially made plastic because original pod does not support very sticky oil.  Also please squeeze the oil bottle gently and slowly, and the refill will take longer time to finish.

Does it leak after refill?

In terms of leakage, it will perform slightly better than the original pod. Our design creates lower air pressure inside the pod to suck in excess oil when it is pulled out from this J-mate Pod Refiller.

What if your J-mate Pod Refiller does NOT function as what is described here? Do you offer full refund?

Yes. We offer 30 days money back guarantee. Please feel free to ship it back. We will refund you in full.  Please contact before shipping.

All are good. But it seems very difficult to avoid leakage. Are you sure about that?

Yes. You are right that it is very challeging. As a matter of fact, we have spent 2 months creating multiple prototypes. Finally, we created functional version which is currently mass production ready.

It is an artwork as well. deserves a place on your desktop

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About us: 

We love vaping, but found it is quite expensive and the flavors are limited to a few with high percentage of nicotin .  We came up with this J-mate Pod Refiller idea. When we showed the prototype to friends, they loved it. We finalized a version for mass production which brings us to where we are here today.

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