Having 5 items in my pocket is too much.


Can we make it 3?


Relatively slim profile, yet very durable. Able to hold 7 cards easily.

A detachable power bank for both the device and your mobile phone in case of emergency

A reliable charging case for your device and pods

Jumate is a carrying case too. carrys 1 device +

Charge time for Jumate

1500mAH rechargeable battery can charge JUUL

Perfect balance between convenience and

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Overheat protection

It will automatically shut down when a sensor detects overheat.

Input over voltage protection

The input voltage is clamped to 5V .

Overcharge protection

It will automatically shut down when device is fully charged.

It is a decent durable wallet

Made by first tier manufactory in leather industry.

In details

In details

It is compatible with other brand pods(longer then original pod).

Easily detachable with 4 strong magnets inside

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Does it support Juul with skin?

It does not. If it does. then the device without skin will rattle inside.

Will J-mate charge the device forever if keep it inside

No. the microcontroller inside will shut off the power completely once the device is fully charged. Whenever the device is plugged in. The microcontroller will check if it is fully charged.

Can it hold other brand or knockoff pod?

As long as that pod works with the device. it can be stored in J-mate wallet.  It has enough space for a longer pod.

Does J-mate Wallet charge juul while it is charging itself?

Yes. It does charging the device while itself is charged.

About us: 

We love vaping, but found the device and pods are just too small. They are prone to get lost easily. Therefore we came up this J-mate charging case idea. It can charge 5 times on the go. Knowing the flavors that I love are already in my pocket is satisfying.

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